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Our Services

Discover why more and more families are turning to Cotner Funeral Home

At Cotner Funeral Home, the word “family” is more than just a word; it’s the focal point of how we do business and how we treat all families we serve…like family!

We understand that every family has personal needs and preferences. That’s why we have built a full service funeral establishment offering personal, distinctive and affordable services to individuals and families. We will personally sit down with you, as a neighbor and as a friend, to help you decide every detail of the services that are right for you. Selecting the right funeral home to serve your needs isn’t difficult. It’s as simple as finding one whose family treats your family like family…The Cotner Funeral Home.

Listed below is a general outline of the many services we offer. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience for a professional, no cost or obligation consultation regarding any aspect of our services, merchandise or community resources.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living".

Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro


  • Twenty-four (24) hour staff availability.
  • “Proudly Independent” – Owned and Operated by the Cotner Family.
  • Accommodating to all religious faiths and secular beliefs.
  • Full service funeral establishment providing a complete array of diversified funeral, graveside, cremation, memorialization, infant, social service, medical school and alternative funeral service options.
  • Complete line of quality, affordable funeral merchandise including: caskets, burial vaults, grave liners, cremation urns, flowers, keepsakes, monuments and markers, memorials, prayer and mass cards, acknowledgement cards, etc.
  • Professional, personalized, affordable and caring, dignified service.
  • Interfaith, non-denominational ministers and/or secular funeral officiants on-call for any service type you desire.
  • Vocalists and musicians available.
  • All Funeral Directors are fully educated, licensed and experienced in all aspects of funeral and cremation service, along with being compassionate, dedicated and helpful people.
  • Continuing education, as required by the State of Ohio, is extremely important and is why all Cotner Funeral Home staff members’ educational credits are always current and up-to-date.
  • Cotner Funeral Home accepts most major credit cards.
  • We honor all funeral prearrangement plans, insurance and burial policies, making it easy to transfer your burial policies to us…without penalty or cost.
  • Transfer service to locations around the world.
  • Complete assistance with Veterans and Social Security Death Benefits, Life Insurance processing, union or fraternal insurance processing, etc.
  • Extensive grief resource materials through Care Notes.
  • Complete funeral prearrangement planning (funded and non-funded options).
  • Speakers bureau.
  • Continuing care services.
  • Community educational programs.
  • Payment options to suit any budget.

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Service Types

  • Traditional Funeral Services
  • Abbreviated Funeral Services (same day visitation/funeral)
  • Immediate Disposition (burial – graveside – cremation)
  • Serving all faiths, non-religious beliefs and cultures
  • Alternative Services (memorial service, celebration service, secular service)
  • Cremation (with or without visitation/funeral service)
  • Medical School – Anatomical Donation Services
  • Social Service Funerals
  • Organ Donation
  • Funeral Pre-Planning
  • Out-Of-Town Arrangements (ship-in and ship-out, anywhere around the world)
  • Flexible, caring and highly personalized service
  • Burial At Sea
  • Continuing Care. Our caring tradition for families does not end with the service. Attention to detail continues with our follow-up program, including document processing, Care Notes continuing care pamphlet series, memorial tribute videos, local grief support resources and more.

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Special Touches

  • Custom Memorial Folders
  • Memory Tables
  • Picture Boards
  • Memorial Service and Remembrance Tribute Videos
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Service Arrangements
  • Music Arrangements
  • Online Obituaries
  • Laminated Obituaries
  • Floral Pictures
  • Memorial Video/DVD (order online)
  • Video of Service

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Cotner Funeral Home offers to each family the ability to create meaningful and unique funeral ceremonies.

Often the funeral service involves the family receiving friends to express their condolences with a viewing of the body in a casket. This “visitation” is often held at the funeral home the evening before the funeral or can be held at the family home or other facility.

The funeral service takes place in a church or funeral home and concludes with the committal service, where the body will be placed in its final resting place. If cremation is chosen, following the services, the cremated remains are buried, entombed, scattered or kept by the family.

When no church or funeral home chapel service is desired, the funeral is held at the gravesite before burial or at the mausoleum for entombment above ground. If cremation before the service is chosen, the cremated remains can be present for a service at the grave or mausoleum.

With all these services the selection of just the right merchandise is vitally important to creating a meaningful remembrance service.

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Caskets come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Primarily, caskets are made of two types of material, wood or metal. We offer each in an affordable price range.


Outer Burial Containers are a requirement of most cemeteries to hold the integrity of the grave. Burial Vaults should not be confused with concrete grave liners. Burial Vaults are a sealed Outer Burial Container, while a Grave liner is not sealed. Burial Vaults are made of concrete or steel. We provide a wide variety of both types in an affordable price range.


Urns are purchased in conjunction with cremation services. They may not be required but are often purchased as a unit to hold the cremated remains. We offer a wide variety of quality urns to choose from in various materials and affordable price ranges for all families.

Cremation Services

Cremation dates back to ancient times and is a common form of final disposition. Cremation is selected for many reasons ranging from religious beliefs or ethnic customs to personal preference. If you are considering cremation, you need to know about the many options available to you through Cotner Funeral Home. When making cremation arrangements, keep in mind, you have unlimited options for memorialization. The most important thing is to create a funeral service that is meaningful and satisfying to you and others who will participate. Remember, there is no "standard" cremation arrangement. We have the experience to assist you in developing a customized cremation service that is just right for you and your family.

What is Cremation?

Some of the more common misunderstandings about cremation are; that the final result of cremation is a residue of ashes, or cremation is the final disposition of the deceased. Neither is correct. Cremation is a process of preparing human remains for final disposition. It is a technical heating process, which reduces the remains to its basic elements, primarily bone particles and fragments, which are referred to as "cremated remains". This reduction takes place through heat and evaporation in a cremation chamber. The basic elements remaining after cremation, depending on the size of the deceased, usually weigh approximately 5 lbs. and are further reduced in size for placement in either a permanent urn or a temporary container, suitable for transport.

Variety of Options/Services

Cremation in no way alters the purpose of visitation and funeral ceremonies and in no way precludes a funeral with all the traditional aspects of the ceremony. Visitation or viewing with a funeral ceremony and church or memorial services are options to be considered. Such rites are for the benefit of the living, to help family and friends find support during their bereavement and to honor the life and memory of the deceased. Cremation creates new options and, as with any funeral arrangements, can be as individual as the people involved. After cremation many people prefer to bury the cremated remains in an urn or urn vault. Above ground entombment, permanent possession or scattering are other choices for final disposition.

Nevertheless, the decision for cremation should be shared. A person may have often said, not necessarily in jest, "Just cremate me and dump the ashes." But when death does come, will that person's closest loved ones be comfortable with such an arrangement?

This poses a strong case for prearrangement, in which decisions can be carefully considered and discussed without the pressures of time and emotion immediately after a loved one's death. Cremation creates new options…and as with any funeral, arrangements can be as individual as the people involved.

Most families choose to hold services that help the bereaved cope with the loss of a loved one. Services or ceremonies can precede or follow the actual cremation. Prior to cremation there may be a gathering, which may be either public or private, with an open or closed casket. When the service follows the cremation, a receptacle (or urn) containing the cremated remains may take a place of prominence.Following the ceremony, the final disposition of the cremated remains takes place. Cremation offers families choices for final disposition of the cremated remains, and with cremation, you have the opportunity to select from a wide array of caskets, urns and keepsake memorials.

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